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RAF WARMA Two Day March

2017-04-26 14:04:17
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Last weekend Flt Lt Harrison undertook the RAF WARMA two day march at DCAE Cosford.

The march is over a two day period and cover a total of 50 miles.

One day one he walked 42 km, with a total of 60,500 steps. Day two was 39 km, with 58,000 steps. All this was achieved whilst carrying 10 kg of dead weight.

This year marked his 10th year of doing the march and his 13th year overall at the event. In addition this year marks his 11th consecutive year of taking part in the Nijmegen March. This year was his final year of marching, he’s handing the mental over to younger staff. However, he will be staying involved with team management and supporting road marching for the Wing.

In looking back on his time doing the marches, ‘it’s been fantastic to see so many young people improving through training and completing the event and of course getting their medals’

Well done from everyone at 148 (Barnsley) Sqn! Time to rest those legs now!


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