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2017-03-01 10:23:27
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4 cadets from 739 Squadron attended 9 AEF recently to go flying in the Grob Tutor at RAF Linton-On-Ouse.

All but one had never flown before. Cdt Sgt Emily Orviss was experiencing her 8th flight and was looking forward to more aerobatics but unfortunately the weather was not with us on the day due to low cloud so they all had a nice jolly out over the city of York instead.

Cdt Sgt Emily Orviss

First time flyers were:

Cdt Jared Elwick

Cdt Guy Taylor

Cdt Emily Young

The three cadets were all a little bit nervous prior to going in the air but all came back down to earth with big smiles on their faces. Cdt Young said "It was amazing" so I asked her "Have you got the bug then?" Looking a bit confused I expanded saying the flying bug with the response being "Definitely". Cdt's Elwick and Taylor were of a similar opinion and despite the rain starting to come down around lunchtime all had successful sorties.

The Grob Tutor is owned by Babcock and primarily used for training in the University Air Squadrons and Elementary Flying Training for new pilots in the Royal Air Force; with them being used for Air Experience Flights; mainly on weekends; for cadets from both the Air Training Corps and Combined Cadet Force (Royal Air Force) which are collectively known as the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. The Tutor has been in service with the RAF since 1999 and is due to be replaced in the next few years as part of the Strategic Defence & Security Review of 2015.

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