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Knaresborough Cadets Dine in With Style

2016-12-05 13:15:05
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1953 (Knaresborough) Squadron held an annual dining in night this November in order to give the cadets an authentic experience of the RAFs dining culture and tradition. The event was held at the Dower House in Knaresborough where staff and cadets gathered to enjoy a three-course meal, complete with speeches and the passing of the ‘port’.

Cadet Warrant Officer Firth lead the evening as the President Mess Committee (PMC), whilst our newest member, Cadet Bland, took on the role of Deputy PMC and raised a toast to the Queen.

The cadets looked incredibly smart and thoroughly enjoyed both the food and experience. Many thanks go to the Civilian Committee for organising and raising the funds to help cover the costs of the evening.

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