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Air Cadets Remember With Acting Tribute

2016-11-14 13:32:07
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By Flt Lt G G Richards - 2344 (Longbenton) Squadron

There is little wonder why the Somme was described as ‘a muddy grave’ and 100 years later the shells that shrieked the fields of battle echoed on as young Air Cadets from Longbenton paid special tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  

At the Forest Hall and Longbenton Royal British Legion parade, the young air cadets performed a moving dramatisation that saw them go off to war, experience life in the trenches and go ‘over the top’ before returning home injured carrying one of their comrades on a stretcher. The young people each then laid a poppy on the dead soldier as the St. Bartholomew’s Church choir sang ‘Bring Him Home.

“This year, we learnt in detail about the Battle of the Somme and it was shocking to learn that there were over 1.2 million casualties and over 312,000 soldiers killed – and this is just one battle of so many wars!” said 14 year old cadet Mary Delariarte.

Cadet Harry Dixon, also 14, added, “We explored the key themes from the view of people fighting and identified how their selflessness, suffering and sacrifice are remembered today.

“We wanted to show our own interpretation to the older generations so that they know we will always remember them and say thank you in our own way,

Officer Commanding, Flight Lieutenant Gary Richardson said; “The young people have really engaged in the activities delivered.

“Through word, art and drama they created their own empathetic, emotional and emotive tribute to remembrance which highlighted the message of peace and reconciliation that was brought home following the First World War.   

“I am tremendously proud of how the youngsters have shouldered their responsibility and carried out their duty in such a moving and mature manner,” added Gary.

The young people also laid a wreath as part of the remembrance service as well as at the Jigsaw War Memorial in Killingworth on Armistice Day.

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