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Dalek Recruit Materializes at Usworth Air Cadets Carnival Stand

2016-11-14 13:03:49
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2214 (Usworth) Squadron Air Cadets might have been expecting to pick up a few new recruits at the Washington Carnival last month – but not in the form that materialized on the day. ‘George’ the life size Dalek appeared - sporting an Air Cadet beret with the promise not to exterminate anybody as part of his cadet enrolment. He came to celebrate the cadet 75th Anniversary Year along with the Wing Media trailer and marquee.

The squadron also brought along the Whirlybirds rescue helicopter for the public to try out – and the squadron band got in some practise in front of the public.

Cadet Corporal Daniel Smith, squadron magazine editor said, “Cadets marched in a parade to the carnival site then set up the media kit. Members of the public were then able to try out our helicopter display and view our photo exhibition – as well as taking selfies with our new recruit ‘George’ the Dalek.”

The exhibition also included a stand in the heritage tent featuring the Battle of Britain, RAF Usworth, 75 years of RAF Air Cadets and the Sunderland Airport Air Days.

The weather on the day was perfect bringing large crowds to the event. Cadets later had selfies with other notable celebrities such as Spiderman, Princes Elsa and Cinderella (as well as Sunny the Seagull – the Sunderland Sun.FM Radio mascot).  

“Cadets put on a fine display bringing the Air Cadet organisation into the public eye and highlighting the opportunities  available. The photo display also paid tribute to the areas rich aviation heritage,” said Adult Sergeant Leask.

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