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Blackadder Flies in With Hurricane for Usworth Air Cadets 75th Anniversary

2016-08-30 13:48:18
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By Flt Lt Dave Walmsley

2214 (Usworth) Squadron Air Cadets based in Washington helped construct a life size replica Hawker Hurricane aircraft at the Galleries Shopping Centre. The cadet 75th anniversary was celebrated with the display of the World War 2 Hawker Hurricane fighter and a Photo Exhibition.

The squadron has been awarded a Heritage Lottery Grant in order to make a DVD of its history. Events such as the Hurricane display are being filmed to feature in this by Lonely Tower Film & Media. Cadets will play a major part in its production.

Jennifer Beavis, marketing executive at the Galleries, said “It’s been absolutely fantastic to have a Hawker Hurricane MKII Replica here at the Galleries. Members of the public were able to sit in the plane and also chat to cadets about their organisation.”

The grant included a trip to the RAF Museum at Hendon in London, to see the original Blackadder Aircraft which is stored in the Battle of Britain Hall. It is in the codes AF-F, the aircraft that Flt Lt Francis Blackadder of 607 (County of Durham) Squadron flew in the Battle of Britain, from RAF Usworth on 15th August 1940.

This was being refurbished for the RAF 100 Years anniversary in 2018 and was partially dismantled. The cadets also saw the 75 Years Exhibition featuring the Air Training Corps.

“The cadets were pleased to be able to replicate a piece of North East aviation history and bring it ‘back home’, near to the base of RAF Usworth, where the original flew. Our squadron HQ is on the site of the old airfield,” said Cadet Flight Sergeant Hush.

See how Usworth Air Cadets can put a Hurricane together in 25 seconds:

More photos on the squadron Facebook page:


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