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2016-06-22 11:14:57
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By Flt Lt Hugh Shields - 723 (Wigan) Squadron

Tesco’s @ Hindley, Wigan required help with raising funds for the Help For Heroes Charity.

Their community manager contacted 723 Wigan Squadron and they sent staff and cadets to assist with bag packing & running the merchandise stall.

The Store manager isn’t a fan of bag packs as he sees it as a gang of unruly & over excitable kids just cluttering up the store.

Enter the Air Cadets, Smart, Polite, Organised & Very Helpful.. He openly admitted that he was impressed and would gladly welcome us back.

The store staff and members of the public heaped praise on the cadets and expressed to sqn staff, how refreshing it was, to see young people in a worthwhile organisation.

At time of printing the final total for the two days we were there wasn’t available. But the total for the Saturday was a whopping £1700.

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