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Windermere Cadets Take to the Water in Cardboard Boat

2016-05-19 12:36:56
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By JJ Hill - 1264 (Windermere) Squadron

Cadets with staff took part in the Low Wood No Wood Cardboard Boat Race on Windermere Lake on a lovely sunny day, on Satuday 14 May 16.The cadets had built their boat, with help from staff, over several parade nights and were egar to put it to test on the water to see if it would indeed float and support the weight of 2 cadets.

On the day,Warrant Officer Gaynor Collins OIC the Squadron, sought the blessing of our Regional Padre The Rev'd (Group Captain) T Richard Lee RAF who was at the event in his capacity of High Sherriff of Cumbria. With devine support our cadets got off to a fine start and though they capsized several times in their race the craft did stay afloat and was ready ( with a bit more gaffer tape) for the final round.

The final involved all boats collecting gold coins from a pontoon over a 10 min period whilst being hosed down by water cannon. Our cadets managed to collect 2 coins before time was up eventually swimming their now sinking boat to the shore. All in all a great fun day with a Sense of Adventure well and truly at the forefront.

Cadets who took part were Sgt Chris Hall, Cpl Jordan Rodway and Cdt Shane Lovett with support from Cpl Declan Turner and Cpl Susanne Hall.  Staff included WO Gaynor Collins, Sgt Emma Clarke and CIs John Hill and Edgar Holme.

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