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Sporting Success for Mirfield Air Cadet

2016-05-05 09:46:55
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By Flt Lt Peter Doubell - 868 (Mirfield) Squadron

Mirfield Air Cadet Kiara Baillie has achieved an outstanding sporting record in the Air Cadets. She has achieved a Wing Blue for representing South and West Yorkshire Wing in all five possible sports open to girls: Hockey, Netball, Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country Running.

Kiara has been cadet at 868 (Mirfield) Squadron for two years, and in that short time has accumulated an amazing sporting record, competing for her own Squadron and being selected for further participation at the next level, South and West Yorkshire Wing in all sports, and beyond that as representative for North Region in Swimming and Hockey. In all she has scooped an astonishing total of 26 Air Cadet sporting medals:

South & West Yorkshire Wing

Bronze for Athletics (400m)

Silver for Cross Country Running

Gold for Athletics (Javelin) and Swimming (Backstroke x2, Butterfly x2, Relay x2 and Individual Medley x2)

North Region

Bronze for Swimming (Relay)

Silver for Swimming (Butterfly)

Gold for Hockey, Netball and Swimming (Backstroke x2, Individual Medley x2, and Butterfly)

Corps (National)

Bronze for Hockey and Swimming (Butterfly, Individual Medley, and Backstroke)

Silver for Swimming (Individual Medley)

Gold for Swimming (Backstroke)


Squadron Commander Peter Doubell said “this is an incredible record. I was amazed last year when one of our cadets achieved the Wing Blue in all sports, and now another has repeated that success. Kiara Baillie is a superb participant in everything we do, but has a particular ability with sports – this is certainly an awe-inspiring record!”

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