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Mountain Biking

2016-04-28 15:04:23
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By Cdt Liam Horsfield - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

On the 9th of April myself, other cadets and staff set off on a mountain biking day out at Sherwood Forest. Everyone was exited and looking forward for the day that lay ahead.

We all arrived at Squadron and loaded the trailer and the minibus ready to set off on our journey to the forest. When we first arrived at Sherwood Pines, the bikes were unloaded from the trailer and we were soon on our way to the first challenge of the day.

The first part was important for us to learn key riding skills to prepare for going on muddy and rocky tracks. There was a skills course which had some obstacles in. The staff explained what to do and helped us do different things. Some challenged themselves to take routes through a muddy puddle of water, however after watching some of their attempts and getting wet I decided not to do the same.

After we had become more confident with riding on the course we then moved on to the actual trail track which is where we would be riding for the rest of the day. It was fun on the track all following each other, going at your own pace. We all tackled each section with each one different to the last and we had great fun going faster and slower for each section.

At the end we made our way back to the minibus. When we got back we were all tired and ready for home after a long day of riding up.

I very much enjoyed the day out and would recommend it to any cadet thinking about putting their name down for it in the future.

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