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Inter Wing Cross Country

2016-03-29 11:49:26
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By Cdt Owen Hollis - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

After running in the Inter Squadron Cross Country I was selected to run for the South and West Yorkshire Wing Cross Country Team.

The event was held at Hopwood Hall College in Middleton. My race was the first race of the day, it was roughly 3.5km and the track was fairly bricky and full of rubble, at least it wasnít really muddy like it was for the Inter Wing competition. The only muddy bit of the track was on the last corner where my shoe sunk completely below the surface which meant I lost my shoe! There was only 10 metres to go so I left my shoe and flew on to the finish line. I came 4th in the race which means I am now competing for the region.

After my race I waited until the end of event watching all the races and clapping on the rest of the Wing. There was presentation at the end where it was announced that my age group came 1st because myself and one of my team mates came 1st and 4th and only the first four got points. Our team got a trophy and gold medals as a result.

After that we all packed up and headed home. It was a long day but worth it. The Regional event is on the 19th March and it will be my first time competing for the Region. It is an overnight event being held at RAF Cranwell. I am doing lots of training getting ready for it!

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