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East Barnby Camp 2016

2016-03-16 16:19:26
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By 740 Sqn Website - 740 (Whitby) Squadron

On Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th March 2016 cadets and adult volunteers from 740 Whitby Squadron, (including 4 cadets from 739 Scarborough squadron) took part in a outdoor activity camp at East Barnby. Whilst on the camp the cadets were able to take part in many outdoor & team building exercises.


On Saturday the cadets were instructed on many activities, ensuring the day was busy and fun. The days activities included:

Biking through Dalby forest with their instructor Mike, cadets were given the option of what route to take, either an nice flat green route or a more challenging red route. 

Rock climbing on the Dalby moors with instructor Dave. On this activity the cadets where given safety harnesses and were taken across the moors. Each cadet then had to individually, traverse the small rock faces.


On Sunday the cadets were taken to Ruswarp to sail down the River Esk to the Endeavour Wharf, using canoes from East Barnby. The activity involved attaching two canoes together using one wooden plank and rope. With 2 people per boat, they then set sail down the River Esk. Later on down the river they were allowed to detach the canoes for the rest of the journey. Optional tests including paddling the canoes around 3 times on the spot, which was a great success.

Finally, I hope the cadets had a fun time and learned many skills during the weekend, and hopefully they will be interested in future trip with the Squadron.

CI Hyde.

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