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Weapons Training Weekend 2016

2016-03-15 15:27:29
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By 740 Sqn Website - 740 (Whitby) Squadron

On Saturday 30th January, 6 cadets of 740 (Whitby) Squadron took part in the Weapons training weekend hosted at 1869 (Middlesbrough) Squadron. During the weekend the cadets attempted their weapons handling tests for either the L98-A2 rifle or the No8 rifle.

The weapons handling test showed the cadets how to correctly clean and maintain their rifle, and the correct positions and safe procedures used when firing the rifles.

With the L98-A2 rifle the cadets were shown how to take the rifle apart, how to clean each part, how to put the rifle back together and finally, to check if all part were correctly replaced, safely fire the rifle (with no rounds).

At the end of the weekend, each cadet was individually assessed, and if they passed they were awarded the right to rifle the specific weapon at future events. The No 8 rifle  can be used at squadron or camps and the L98-A2 can be used only at specific camps.

Finally, at the end of the camp, the cadets that took their No 8 weapons handling tests and passed, were allowed to fire the rifle at the squadrons indoor rifle range, allowing them to finally test the rifle.

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