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131 Sqn (City of Newcastle) Proud and Honoured to Be Carrying the Flag for Aden.

2016-01-29 10:20:00
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By Sgt (ATC) Taylor - 131 (City of Newcastle) Squadron

City of Newcastle Squadron has been officially asked if they would accept the honour of carrying the banner for this year, for the ADEN WAR (1955-1967) Veterans Association, Northumberland Branch.  The banner will be paraded at all parades were the Association will be present, representing the fallen and the veterans of this campaign.

This is a very honourable duty for the Squadron to be given, firstly as the 12 year long conflict in South Arabia was fought mainly by the Army and secondly the veterans association are mainly represented by members who were former Fusiliers, so the honour that an Royal Air Force, Air Cadet Squadron has been chosen as the banners official escorts is a unique privilege.

Also that it is one of those conflicts that is generally forgotten about in history, although it is the longest war fought by the British during the 20th century.

The official escorts are photographed below with the banner. Cpl Peacock (escort), Sgt Dentin (barer), Cpl Kime (escort)

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