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Regional Hockey Victory

2015-12-01 16:37:15
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By Cdt H Flaherty - 2431 (Keighley) Squadron

On 21st November 2015, 3 cadets from 2431 (Keighley) Squadron ATC travelled to RAF Cranwell to take part in the Junior Girls Regional Hockey Competition.

Myself, Cpl Howe and Sgt King were part of the North Region Team who ended up winning the entire competition, making us the best Junior Girls Hockey Team in the Air Cadet Organisation!

We represented North Region, who hadn't won for 6 years prior to our recent victory. At the beginning of playing girls junior hockey ,most of the people who auditioned for our wing's team had never played the game in their life. Including the cadets from our squadron.

Nevertheless all of us made the team for Central & East Yorkshire Wing and went on to represent them on the 11th of October 2015. In this inter-region tournament, in which we played 4 other teams and came 2nd . Due to the fact the one team we drew ended up sending 3 of our key players of the pitch because of inflicted injury caused by them. This included a dislocated jaw, and a hairline fracture to our captains femur . Despite the fact we came 2nd the majority of C&E girls got scouted to trail for north region itself !

The trails for this were incredibly hard with only 16 places and 32 girls there. Throughout the day we did fitness, ball skills and games under extreme pressure to get picked . I hope I'm not just speaking for myself when saying that it was very tiring and it was a big relief when all of the Central and East Yorkshire Team who trailed got through to represent the north region!

Cpl Howe played the position of goalkeeper, Sgt King played centre defensive and I played forward sweeper. All of these positions have (again) a huge amount of pressure.

When representing North Region we travelled down to Lincoln to RAF Cranwell. We stayed the night on the Friday and played on the Saturday. As there is 6 regions we played 5 matches. The weather conditions were against us with 0 degree temperatures and wind but that didn't stop a thing. Winning 4/5 matches and drawing the 5th we inevitably came first. Our coach WO Nash was very pleased considering that we were her last team to coach so it was a wonderful end to her coaching career in the ATC.

Hopefully this will reflect well on our sporting life in Air Cadets and we are all looking forward to netball in January and hockey again in September.

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