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Bronze DofE Expedition

2015-11-20 16:46:44
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By Cdt Bailey Pendleton - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

On the 19th of September cadets from 148 (Barnsley) squadron and cadets from 1384 (Askern) squadron started out on a DofE expedition from 148 Sqn HQ.

We had already planned our route deciding who was in each group and who would carry each part of the tents we were sharing. On the minibus ride to the Peak District we could already see the size of the hills we would be walking up, the size of the fields and even the size of the cows we would be walking past! Arriving at out start point we made a quick check of the fitting of our bags,the maps and the compasses; this was a good thing as my group forgot to pick up the route cards and maps, but thankfully a member of staff had picked them up and made sure we set off with them.

Group 1 set off first by 10 minutes and we walked fast with no stopping. We made no errors for the first couple of hours but when we did make mistakes we either went back or made our way back to the route, we made decisions on which way to go as a group, so when we went wrong it had been a group decision. On day one we walked up giant hills(not so giant for the taller cadets) got freaked out by cows and arrived at camp a little earlier than we planned. The campsite facilities were good, two different washing stations, which helped with all the different groups there and there were peacocks roaming around. Our tents were put up in a matter of minutes, food was cooked fast and we were all washed and changed in good time.

At night we all went to bed at around 10 o’clock but before that we all played different games outside the tent on the grass and talked in little groups. On day two the sun was hiding in the morning, fog surrounded our tents as well as the cold and coats were worn as well as fleeces. Once we had all our equipment away and bags on, group 1 set off first. We were all a little sore and cranky so a few more little mistakes were made. Group 2 caught up to us but we were ahead of them not long after. On this day we walked back up the river we had followed the previous day but on the opposite side. We stopped for lunch at a little patch of grass in a small village this was approximately an hour or two before we had finished our Expedition, as we didn’t want to stop walking. We worked hard and carried on even though some of us had sore feet and backs but it was worth it in the end… Well done to everyone who participated as we all passed.

And a massive thank you to all the staff and families that made this possible from both Sqns as I know this took a lot of time to organise. As the Air Cadet Motto Says Venture Adventure!


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