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Busy Week for Bollington Cadets

2015-11-19 09:42:46
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By CI Craig Lee - GMW Press Officer

During last Friday's Children in Need show a number of donations came through. One of which came in the form of the Macclesfield Swimathon which Cadets from 236 (Bollington) Squadron were able to take part in. The team made up of CWO Bethell, Cadet Lonyon, Cadet Mayne and CI Greensmith were allowed to swim for a maximum of forty-five minutes. On average the organisers state that in the time a group of average adult swimmers can make 40 laps a total of 80 lengths. In an amazing feat the Bollington Cadets were able to manage 102 laps.

The event was organised by Macclesfield Lions who have helped to support the Squadron in the past and aimed to donate proceeds to Middlewood Riding for the Disabled and Lion supported charities as well as the overall Children In Need cause.

Honorary President (Bollington) Squadron, Nicky Loveday said, It is always good to give something back to such worthy causes.

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