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L98 Training for Crowle Cadets

2015-11-17 15:08:23
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By Flt Lt J Docherty - 300 (Axholme) Squadron

6 Air cadets from Crowle recently attended a training weekend at Queen Elizabeth Barracks, near York.  The intensive weekend saw the 6 cadets undergo a training program to teach them how to safely handle the L98A2 rifle.

The 2 day course covered all aspects of the safe handling of the L98A2 Cadet rifle, including what to do in case of a stoppage or other issue.  The course builds upon earlier training the cadets have under taken and once complete allows the cadets to operate the rifle under supervision.

By the end of the course all 6 successfully passed their Weapons Handling Test and were able to shoot the rifles on the DCCT range, an electronic range where the cadets are able to fire the weapons in a controlled environment.  All 6 had a thoroughly good weekend.

Cadet Sergeant Cram said afterwards “It was a really good weekend.  It has a hard course, but worth it in the end”.

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