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Cadets Undertake Red Badge First Aid Course

2015-11-17 10:22:11
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By Cdt Kira Rossiter - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

On 5th September 2015 myself and 4 other 148 (Barnsley) Squadron cadets started our Red Badge First Aid Course.

This gave us the opportunity to learn how to deal with real life situations that are dangerous and possibly harmful to the casualty and yourself. We were taught how to deal with many different situations such as: nosebleeds, cuts, injuries, heart attacks, chest pains, dizziness and shock. Furthermore, we practiced putting people in certain positions such as the recover position.

On the first day we learnt how to deal with dizziness and heart attacks and what positions were suitable for which problem. After sitting and listening we then put what we learnt into practise, performing CPR and the primary and secondary positions surveys and positions on people.

On the second day which was the 11th October 2015 we quickly practised what we had learnt on the previous day. Following this we concentrated on learning how to treat burns, scalds and cuts through bandaging etc. We also learned how to set the casualty at ease and how to treat them. In addition we also learned how to react to bystanders when they interact with you.

Overall I really enjoyed doing this course, not only did I get a badge for passing it was an amazing opportunity to get to know Cadets in the Squadron that we havenít interacted with before and make new friends. Through the course we had some comical moments and fun times making the course even more enjoyable. This has added to my cadet experience and I am very glad that I did this course.

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