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Sgt Taylor Visits Buchel Airforce Base in Germany

2015-11-17 10:11:00
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By Sgt Callum Taylor - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

In August, myself and another 148 (Barnsley) Squadron Cpl went to Germany with the Air Cadets along with around 30 other cadets from squadrons from all around the UK.

We were guests of the USAFE in Ramstein. Our sleeping and dining area was located to the side of the Ramstein Air Base and was designated ‘Tent city’. During our camp, we visited multiple different sections of the base to see how they work and learn about the field operation roles that they fulfil. We went to visit the NATO headquarters on the base. We also went to an F-16 air base, Spangdalen, where we were allowed to look at various weapons the aircraft has and the aircraft itself. We went to an NCO academy to do sports as well as visiting a Tornado Luffwaffe station where we got our own private air show!

Everyone from our camp was very friendly and made the camp very enjoyable.

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