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Sgt Annetts Goes on Camp at RAF Henlow

2015-11-17 10:05:40
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By Sgt Megan Annetts - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

On the 15th August I attended a camp at RAF Henlow with Cadets from sector three.

Throughout the week we visited numerous sections on the base including the centre of aviation medicine (CAM) which were all really interesting and gave us an insight into what it is like to work in various trades across the RAF. We went on some external visits which included the American memorial, Cambridge and best of all Windsor castle. It was a privilege to be able to walk around the grand infrastructure and decor, steeped in history it was an excellent visit (possibly once in a lifetime). Although at first I didnít know anyone it didnít take long until we were all acquainted and began to work together as a team.

The night expedition was an interesting night that was a perfect example of our cooperation and teamwork. I thought the camp was another valuable experience and one which has helped improve my self confidence. Overall a great eye opener, of course none of these activities could have taken place without the staff that gave up their time to ensure the camp ran smoothly.

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