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Multiple Awards for 750

2015-10-07 21:06:31
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By Sgt (ATC) K Buckle - 750 (Thorne) Squadron

There was cause for celebration recently at 750 (Thorne) Sqn ATC as sector 2 commander Squadron Leader Iain Kirk attended to present both Heartstart First Aid and Basic Swimming Competence awards to the cadets.

On Tuesday 6th October Squadron Leader Iain Kirk (Sector 2 Commander, South & West Yorkshire Wing) was in attendance to present six cadets with their Basic Swimming Competence certificates, as well as awarding seven Heartstart certificates.

On a recent camp to RAF Honington, cadets spent time in the pool developing their swimming skills. In order to qualify for the award, the cadets had to show that they were able to swim 50metres without rest, remain afloat for 2 minutes in a restricted area of water and exit the pool at an area where the individual is out of depth. All seven cadets from Thorne Sqn gave it their all and managed to pass their Basic Swimming Competence, along with around 50 other cadets from across the local area.

The Heartstart award is a basic first aid course which is run at a squadron level. This course was completed on a parade night with cadets viewing an instructional video before engaging in practical first aid training. All cadets involved successfully provided effective, safe and prompt first aid in the scenarios presented to them.

With so much opportunity in the Air Training Corps, there will be a lot more achievements from the cadets at 750 coming soon!

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