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Cadets Visit Air Operations Acquaintance Centre

2015-09-29 16:13:16
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By Cdt Jack Grange. - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

On Saturday 12th of September myself and 11 other cadets from 148 (Barnsley) Squadron visited the Air Operations Acquaintance Centre at RAF Linton-On-Ouse.

We were there to learn how to handle and use the weapon systems of the F-16 Fighting Falcon among many other things, such as navigating the aircraft and low level flight.

We were separated into A Flight and B Flight for the group activity. This involved each flight devising their own plan to destroy a list of enemy targets that were detailed in a briefing pack such as early warning radar, airfields and weapon facilities. The campaign in the briefing was to last over a period of three days. For this, we were also given a list of assets such as aircraft, naval vessels and the weapons that they can carry in order to choose which ones were the most suitable for each target. We worked on this when we were not on the simulators.

At the end of the day we presented our group activity and took part in a tournament on the simulators. The winner (Flight Sergeant Swaby) received a ‘Top Gun’ award for getting the highest score in the tournament.

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