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Cadets Go Flying at RAF Linton-on-Ouse

2015-09-16 15:00:45
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By Cdt Luke Swaby - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

On the 26th of August Cpl Charlie Owen, Cdt Jack Grange and I were taken flying by Sgt Banks to RAF Linton-on-Ouse.

After we arrived we were kitted out with Flying suits, flying helmets, flying gloves, sun glasses and little cushions for the seat in the aircraft. Once I was in the plane the pilot and I had a little chat about all the instruments in the plane and we would be doing. After that it was time to taxi to the runway to prepare for take off.

Once in the air the pilot explained what was happening to the aircraft and what all the instruments were. After that it was my turn to take control and fly the aircraft! It felt like a simulator, the main difference is that you tilt side to side when you turn and of course we were in the air.

Unfortunately, it was eventually time to land after about 25 minutes of flying time. We all got to take control of the aircraft which we all enjoyed a great deal and we are looking forward to the next time we have the opportunity to fly.

Thank you to all the staff that helped get us to go flying, a great day was had by all.

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