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Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

2015-09-01 10:39:07
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By Sgt Conor Ramskill - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

We arrived on Squadron early on Saturday morning for the start of our venture. The day began to get very hot as we reached our first checkpoint. We had a couple of unscheduled adventures in random fields and then at the last we found the right path and on to our checkpoint. A little later our group had to huddle under a tree as the heavens opened with torrential rain. After the rain died down a little, we made a break for the campsite, pitched our tents and we joined by the other group for tea.

The second day was much like the first in terms of weather. We set off walking quite a lot later than planned and so we were walking in the hottest part of the day and in the rain in the afternoon, which is something we have learned for next time, start a little earlier. The unfortunate thing was the route for day two took us through a lot of nettles where the paths were overgrown. We stopped for lunch at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Navigation was at times tricky in this area. Luckily, we had stopped for a rest in a patch of dense trees when the rain started again, even heavier than the day before. We then walked down to end of the route.

Looking back, there are some navigation and packing problems that the group and I experienced, but as a whole we had a successful journey and found areas we can improve.


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