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Cadets Visit RAF St Mawgan

2015-09-01 10:22:27
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By Cdt Sam Richmond - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

On Saturday 25th July I travelled from 148 (Barnsley) Squadron very early in the morning and joined other cadets from Sector 1 to make the long journey to Newquay, Cornwall for a week long camp at RAF St Mawgan.

We took part in many activities throughout the week, firstly taking part in an orienteering quiz around the base. I was pleased to be in the team that completed the quiz and arrived back first.

We played social games and team building tasks to give us a chance to get to know other people attending from different squadrons which was really great fun and humorous.

We visited the Fleet Air Arm Museum which housed a Concorde and many other carrier type aircraft, I particularly enjoyed seeing the Harrier. Later that day we had a night exercise. We formed two flights who had tasks to perform without being seen by the staff. This was good fun.

We went to the on-base cinema and watched the movie Antman which was really good.

We had the chance to explore Newquay, which I think we all enjoyed then, while other cadets took part and enjoyed coasteering, four cadets including myself went flying in some Grob Tutor aircraft which involved acrobatic manoeuvres and was absolutely amazing.

We also went shooting and 2 cadets achieved their Squadron marksman. I was able to shoot a number 8 rifle and, whilst I did manage to get some shots on target, it was really quite difficult. This is something I feel I need to work at improving my skills on. Nevertheless, everyone had fun doing it.

On the last day we finished our packing and had our last breakfast on camp, before waiting for the coach and the long long journey back home.

I enjoyed the food on camp throughout the week and we had a comfortable stay, but I was happy to get back to my own bed after a fun packed week.

All in all this was a good camp and thanks go to CI Smedley, all the other staff who attended and supported us to get ready to go and the staff at RAF St Mawgan who made this a great week.

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