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FS Williams Attends Air Cadet Organisation National Marching Band Camp

2015-08-12 10:54:43
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By Cdt FS Heather Williams - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

On the 22nd of July 2015, I arrived at RAF Cranwell for a week and a half of camp with the Air Cadet Organisation National Marching Band. We were preparing for two events at RAF Cranwell, the RAF Families Day on the 23rd , at which we saw the Commandant, and the ACLC Graduation parade on the 25th. Both events went incredibly well, including a flypast from the Red Arrows and various other display teams at Families Day.

We then packed up and moved down to RAF Halton for a week long training camp in preparation for the parade at RAF Honington, at which we would be performing with the Drill & Ceremonial Camp cadets in preparation for the parade in 2016 for the 75th anniversary of the Air Cadet Organisation. We had a tough week of training with the help of the NMB staff and three Royal Marines who are in the Band Service. On Wednesday the 29th , the Commandant came to visit the band and see how we were getting on. I was lucky enough to have lunch with her and talk to her about how we were getting on within the band and within the organisation. After the commandant departed, the training once again commenced with practice for our continuity drill routine for the parade on the Friday. We were able to have a social evening on the Wednesday, where we had a ‘childrens party’ including pass the parcel and performances by various ensembles, which was fun for everyone involved, including the staff!

The parade on Friday saw us move to RAF Honington and spend the day practising with the rest of the cadets who were already there for the D&C camp. After lunch, we changed into our uniform and performed for the Commandant once again. Some of the cadets from my squadron came down to watch the performance, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed! After the parade concluded, half of the band returned to RAF Cranwell for another performance for another ACLC Graduation Parade. This parade was an emotional time, as it was many of the older cadets final performance with the National Marching Band, whether ageing out or moving on to pastures new such as new careers, or going to University. Many of us have been in the NMB since 2011, so this was a very sad day for many of us!

The camp and performances were fantastic and I look forward to performing with you all again! Well done to everyone for another great week and successful performance! Once again a privilege to work with you all.

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