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Ex Cadet Proves the Sky Really Is the Limit for Cadets at 2431 (Keighley) Squadron

2015-07-31 14:57:10
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By Fg Off J Cameron - 2431 (Keighley) Squadron

Former 44F (City Of Bradford) Squadron Cadet Kris Smith touched down at 2431 (Keighley) Squadron last night, to give a motivational presentation about his career as a pilot for His presentation attracted 35 cadets including some from the recent intake who were interested to learn about how Kris got into his role.

After a number of years serving as an Air Cadet, Kris joined the Royal Navy and ultimately flew the Lynx Helicopter. He decided he would then aim to take the plunge and train to be a commercial pilot whilst working full time in a sales role. This all happened as the recession hit and getting a job proved to be a challenge for Kris.

He was taken on by as a Pilot Apprentice last year and is now flying the Boeing 757-200 from Leeds Bradford. Kris' connection to the organisation is still very much live as he is a civilian instructor, teaching cadets to fly the Vigilant T Mk1 at 645 VGS, RAF Topcliffe.

Fg Off Jordan Cameron commented: "There's a perception you need to be an Oxford Graduate or be made of money to persue the Airline Pilot dream. Kris proves that this isn't the case. With determination, drive and enthusiasm anything is achievable - A great message to our cadets. The cadets and staff have throughly enjoyed his presentation"

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