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Squadron Camp to RAF Valley

2015-07-31 14:48:09
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By Cadet Troy Flynn - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

In May myself and other cadets from Barnsley Squadron went to RAF Valley on a week long camp, I really enjoyed it. On the first day we visited the fire section where they carried out staff training and demonstrated an airfield emergency. We also did the high ropes, however I only went on the small ropes because I am scared of heights. One of my most favourite activities at camp was the night ex which was really good fun!

Another memorable experience at camp was having the opportunity to have the last ever cadet experience flight of a sea king before the helicopter goes out of service, it was one of the best things I have ever done!

Other enjoyable activities we did whilst at camp include bowling on the RAF base, we also went to Cineworld and watched Tomorrow land. Cadets were also given the opportunity to get trained and fire the L98 rifle. A couple of the evenings we played football outside and inside the gym. We went go karting on the RAF Valley go carting track where we had loads of fun racing each-other.

Another opportunity we had at camp was to visit certain sections of the base for such as number 4 Sqn, 208 Sqn and search and rescue. Whilst we were at these squadrons they each gave us a tour around the aircraft they operate and explain what they do, a really great opportunity for us to be able to speak with them.

We got the chance to use the DCCT range too which was the first time I have used this type of range. This was really good and I only hope I can do this again another time. We also went to the local swimming baths.

RAF valley was the best camp I have ever been on I’ve been twice now and it just keeps getting better. Thanks to the staff at RAF Valley and the Air Cadet staff for making this such an enjoyable week.

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