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CWO Williams Flies in a Hawk T2 at RAF Valley

2015-06-18 09:48:43
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By CWO Tom Williams - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

At the end of a wonderful last ATC camp at Royal Air Force Valley, the staff and cadets voted on who they believe was the best overall cadet on camp. I was massively shocked and proud to have received that honour, because I was granted a flight in a Hawk T2.

The experience was phenomenal, after completing the safety checks, getting kitted out and having my medical I got in the aircraft. We flew all around the surrounding area of Anglesey, Wales. Over the time I was up in the air I even got a chance to take control myself. With the M-Suit and G-pants I was wearing, the G forces were at times punishing, but all the more exhilarating an experience.

After all that I have achieved over the last seven years in the Air Cadets and the camps I have attended, this was a perfect round off and swan song to my ATC camp life.

Throughly pleased to have experienced this flight and thank you to those who believed I deserved it and especially to the team who made it possible – you know who you are!

148 (Barnsley) Squadron air cadets – once again challenging what seems impossible for cadets to experience and once again defeating the odds.

Spectemur Agendo

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