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Swinging From the Trees

2015-06-01 11:55:50
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By 152 Sqn Website - 152 (City of Hull) Squadron

The weekend of the 9th & 10th of May saw the squadron pay a visit to High Ropes Adventure in Market Rasen. The site its one that has been used by the squadron by many years and once again did not disappoint.

The Saturday began with pitching tents and setting up the area that would home for the weekend. It was then followed by a 7 mile walk around Market Rasen. This 7 mile walk however turned into a 12 mile walk for one group whose general idea of following a map was to shove it inside their coat and just walk in any old direction. Despite this the group learnt a lot from the walk and by the end of it were walking confidently, map in hand, and picking all the right trails.

The evening was then filled with eating and some team based activities. The team activities involved using ropes & pulleys to try and transport a water barrel across a ‘ravine’. Let’s put it this way…if the ravine had been real the journey home on the minibus would have been very quiet indeed.

The Sunday morning began with sausage sandwiches and the packing of personal kit. The High Ropes course was a massive 30 seconds walk from the camp site so everything got to off to a smooth start. All cadets were kitted out with a harness and helmet and then briefed on the correct procedure for hooking and unhooking into safety points along the courses.

Cadets then participated in the low ropes course in order to get used to some of the obstacles and methods of travel that they would come across on the next course. They then progressed to the medium height course with a handful of cadets going on the complete the high ropes course. Cpl Phoebe Macklin managed all three courses in less time than it takes to blink but she did have a head-start having completed a similar course whilst on a camp a few weeks previously.

The zip-wire, leap of faith and trapeze section of the day was then still to come. All cadets gave the activities their best shot and despite the nerves and fears of many they all achieved something from the day. The most positive factor of the day was that all cadets supported each other and this is what made the weekend successful from an overall point of view.

The next high ropes camping weekend is to be held in October 2015 and I’m sure it will be just as scary and tiring but also as enjoyable and successful.

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