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Cadets Attend JNCO Course

2015-05-18 14:02:55
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By Cdt James Major - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

On the 10th to the 12th of April 2015 myself, Cadet Jack Grange, Cadet Barnaby Brauns-Smith, Corporal Charlie Owen and Corporal Shannon Copeland attended a weekend at Castleford Wing HQ for a  Junior NCO course.

On the night the we arrived we were introduced to all the staff and were told to stand up and introduce ourselves to other cadets from various squadrons within South and West Yorkshire Wing. The second day was highly drill based and there were also a lot of leadership tasks in which each cadet would have a chance at leading a number of cadets in a task. These tasks were highly dependant on teamwork and decision making.

On the final day the skills we had learnt on the previous day were assessed. We were assessed on leadership, taking drill, uniform and general drill.

At the end of the weekend the final parade brought good news as we were told that the whole course had passed.  All cadets were awarded with a Certificate from Squadron Leader Williamson.

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