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FS Williams and Sgt Annetts Attend National Marching Band Camp at RAF Halton

2015-05-18 13:54:09
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By Sgt Annetts - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

On the 4th to the 11th of April 2015 Flight Sergeant Williams and I attended the Easter National Marching Band camp at RAF Halton.

Throughout the week we met many people from across the country and learned some interesting new music. The week presented some musical challenges, for example the interesting higher woodwind semi quaver passage in the song How to train you Dragon and many more unforgettable experiences such as the extremely entertaining ceilidh on the Thursday night.

I particularly enjoyed being part of a 107 cadet strong marching band playing with some exceptional musicians and learning the band routine. It was amazing to see the routine come together over the course of a week with the help of the both the Air cadet staff and the Royal Marines Band members who aided with musical technique and training.

The final performance on Friday the 10th of April at Oxford Christchurch was a success and an incredible experience performing alongside the Marine Central Band of Portsmouth. Two of our Squadron members of staff came down to watch the performance.

The week on the whole was very enjoyable. The flight Sergeant and I had such a great week with some great people and as a result did not really want to leave on the Saturday morning .

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