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Leadership Night

2015-05-18 13:52:07
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By CWO Tom Williams - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

On the 6th of February 2015, the cadets managed several leadership activities created by themselves in prior sessions to impressive effect. Through weeks of preparation they had developed very unique and highly entertaining tasks that had gleaming reviews unanimously from the participants.

Firstly, Corporal Aron Smith and Cadet Terry Holdcroft harnessed the concept of the perfect spy film’s laser beam dodging scene. Combining this idea with the ability to score points and work as a team proved extremely popular with the cadets.

Sergeant Ben Stoner and Cadet Charlie Owen created their own virtual battle management task. This again was very well praised by staff and cadets who witnessed the activity.

Corporals Shannon Copeland and Callum Taylor thought outside the box to use the radio training the cadets have received here at 148 Barnsley Squadron to send messages to each other to solve the puzzle. Very well executed and smiles all round.

Flight Sergeant Louis Swaby and Cadet James Major’s task relied on the cadets ability to communicate without certain senses on their side, blindfolding the participants and making the completion of the task reliant on the accuracy of communication between the blindfolded and the non-blindfolded.

On the whole it was a fantastic end product to a few weeks of developing the organising pair’s creativity and ability to put their own ideas together for further use later on in their cadet careers. The cadets will be able to organise their own nights just like I have and I hope they are as proud as I am now.

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