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Wing Training Day 2015

2015-05-18 11:45:08
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By Sgt R Smillie - 2431 (Keighley) Squadron

On Sunday 26th April 2015, cadets and staff from 2431 (Keighley) Squadron ATC, travelled to RAF Linton-on-Ouse, York to take part in Wing Training Day.

Wing Training Day is an annual event where all the 29 Squadrons in Central & East Yorkshire Wing come together to compete in a wide range of competitions.

The day began at 06:45 when we all met outside our Squadron HQ in Keighley to begin the journey by coach to RAF Linton-on-Ouse, just outside York.

We arrived at the RAF Station at around 08:30. While the staff went off to be briefed on the day’s events, the cadets made some final adjustments to their uniform. While on an RAF, especially on Wing Training Day, it is very important to have high uniform standards.

We then all split up into our different activity groups. The activities we took part in included; First Aid, Volleyball, Modelling, Photography, Squadron Drill, Banner Drill and Aircraft Recognition.

Once all the activities had finished, we all formed up for final parade. The number of cadets on parade was extraordinary. We then marched on to the parade square between Number 1 and Number 2 hangers. During the final parade, all the completion awards were presented along with a few adult staff promotions and a speech from the Wing Commander.

To conclude the day’s events, we all completed a march past as the Wing Commander took the salute. We then headed back to the coach and set off for home.

It was a very long day, however, it was very rewarding at the same time.

It was announced that we had come 2nd in the Banner Drill Competition, 7th in the Drill Competition and Sgt Connell had been awarded the 3rd Best Drill NCO in the Wing. The results from the rest of the competitions will be given out in due course.

Overall, the event allowed us to compete against other squadrons in a wide range of activities. It also allowed us to socialise with cadets from other squadrons that we have met on various other cadet activities.

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