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2015-04-29 15:38:17
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By 739 Sqn Website - 739 (Scarborough) Squadron

739 Scarborough Squadron have recently been awarded a large grant which have enabled significant investment in vital training equipment.


Having been awarded £2,000 from the Scarborough branch of the Royal Air Force Association we have been able to fulfil a long held ambition to build a top of the range flight simulator to aid our training program.

The RAFA grant; along with Squadron fundraising efforts at a bag pack at Morrison’s Supermarket in December 2014 and our Christmas Fair have been used to build a custom gaming computer which is dedicated to running the simulator. In addition to this we have also invested in quality, realistic flight control systems.


Flight Lieutenant Steven Lewis, Officer Commanding said

“This was a long held ambition for us to build. The original intention was to apply for funding from the Lottery for a £10,000 simulator but this was unsuccessful. Our Committee Secretary offered to build the system at cost price and we looked into how much we could save by building it ourselves – and we were truly amazed at the price.

We built the computer to the same specification and invested in the same basic controls missing out some of the more expensive systems, namely a stainless steel portable trolley system.

This has been a long held ambition of mine, and has consistently been at the very top of the cadet’s wish list of equipment to purchase year on year and I am so pleased to have finally delivered on a promise I have made – the cadets love it!”

The system will be used to help train cadets in Aviation Studies – primarily Principles of Flight where they learn how an aircraft operates and rather than viewing videos or reading publications they will be able to physically learn how the control surfaces of an aircraft work. We have installed versions of the Grob Tutor which is used by Air Cadets for real Air Experience Flying, the Grob Vigilant which is used for Air Experience Gliding. We have also installed some unique craft that may be used during periods when it is not required for training purposes.

The system will also enable training in Pilot and Air navigation, the use of aircraft radio, and enable cadets to practice any skills they learn in the real aircraft to prevent skill fade.


In the near future we also plan to build a realistic cockpit around the simulator itself, and network the system with the squadron radios to enable realistic radio communications and eventually Air Traffic Control services.

We are currently looking for a new staff member to work in this area as the Squadrons Aerospace Officer. They would be responsible for all things flying & gliding, the simulator and aircraft recognition competitions.

We are also looking for a social media co-ordinator who would run the Squadrons website, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube pages as well as creating regular newsletters and submitting news stories both locally and nationally and manage a team of cadets in taking photos and videos to use in these activities.

Anyone who feels suitably qualified or experienced should come down on any parade evening to discuss this and other current opportunities that are available for adult volunteers – contact details are on our website

For more information please visit the Squadron website

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