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An Afternoon of Archery

2015-04-24 10:11:44
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By Cadet Joe Brown - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

On Saturday 18th April several Cadets from 148 (Barnsley) Squadron travelled to 23 (South Elmsall) Squadron for an afternoon of archery. We were joined by some of the finest archery instructors in the Wing and we were also joined by a few Cadets from 23 (South Elmsall) Squadron.

During the first part of the afternoon we were taught how to safely use the recurve bow, including how to safely load the arrow, draw the bow, and fire. After a few practise goes (and few deflected arrows) we had all been able to at least hit the target. We then had multiple goes at trying to hit the bullseye of the target. During this time I also had an attempt of drawing a compound bow, which was incredibly difficult. Later on, (after we had popped several balloons on the target) we played a game where we had to write our names on a certain part of the target and then all the other Cadets and staff had to shoot at your name and ‘kill’ you before you got to them first. This was taken very seriously and some fierce rivalries were created during the game which may go on for years to come. CI Matt Smedley and Flt Lt Harrison were very popular, with many hits on their names.

All in all, a very positive and fun afternoon for all and I must speak for everyone when I say that the day was exceptional. A special thanks to the staff of 148 ( Barnsley) Squadron and 23 (South Elmsall) Squadron for making the day possible.

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