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Askern Celebrate 30 years as a Squadron

2015-01-13 12:01:36
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By CI A Taylor - 1384 (Askern) Squadron

Askern Celebrate 30 years as a Squadron

Friday nights are normally a Parade night at 1384, but not Tonight, Friday 9 Jan 2014! 1384 instead celebrate there 30th Anniversary as a squadron! Civilian committee, cadets and staff past and present attended a celebration dinner at the Danum Hotel in Doncaster.

A 3 course silver service dinner was enjoyed by all with guest of honor at the top table.

Above is ex Cdt cpl Rosie Pilot and ex CI Norma Pilot. Rosie was the first ever female cadet at Askern Squadron back in 1983!

Sector Commander, Squadron Leader I Kirk and his wife also attended the night. Sqn Ldr Kirk had a speech prepared that he gave at the end of the dinner.

Sqn Ldr Kirk Kirk said, 'I have always been fond of Askern, starting off there as a CI myself, progressing through the ranks to the rank I am now, I am proud to be part of 1384'

Everyone raised there glasses 'to 1384!!!'

After the speech, everyone then enjoyed the disco!

For more information please visit the Squadron website

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