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On 8th Jan 2015, 1384 (Askern) Air Cadets Turned the Big 30

2015-01-13 11:52:43
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By CI A Taylor - 1384 (Askern) Squadron

The Squadron was a Detached Flight to 2466 (Knottingley) Squadron back in the 80's.  In 1984, the squadron had a massive recruitment drive that fetched well over 30 cadets into the detached flight!  Ten of the cadets been from the same family!

With the then Detached Flight maintaining 30+ cadets, the staff and OC at the time decided it was now the time to make Askern into a Squadron!  The word was out that Askern had more than 30 Cadets!!!

November 1984 was the month that Askern cadets should have been a squadron, but due to paperwork errors, the officials could not see we had 30+ cadets for the right amount of time we needed to become a Squadron, Askern had to wait!

By January 1985 Askern cadets had maintained the cadets and had the paperwork they needed to become a Squadron!  1384 (Askern) Air Cadets was born!

By mid-July/August 1985, 1384 was able to move from there then rented building on the A19 (Where the builders yard is now) to their very own Squadron on Sutton Road School Grounds, and thus the building/Squadron we see now!

OC's of 1384 over the last 30 years

1st WO P Sargerson

2nd WO D Bolton

3rd Flt Lt T Souter

4th Flt Lt Cooke

5th C Knowles

6th Flt Lt A Colverson

7th WO M Joerning

8th Flt Lt J Docherty

9th FS G Paterson

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