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2014-12-01 14:08:42
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By Flt Lt Docherty - 300 (Axholme) Squadron

Cadet Corporals Daniel Brady (14) and Bradley Cram (14), along with Cadet Owen Wheatley (15), all from Crowle Air Cadets, have recently completed their Junior Non-Commissioned Officer training course at South and West Yorkshire Wing Headquarters.  The course aims to teach Junior and potential NCOs leadership, team working and communication skills.

The course focuses on developing the candidates’ abilities to lead a group and get things done, as well as team working skills, problem solving and communications.  It is continually assessed and candidates leave the course with report, highlighting their strengths and also areas for them to develop in the future.

It brings together cadets from all across South and West Yorkshire Wing (An area that also covers parts of East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire) and helps them develop their skills, as well as teaching them new skills and allowing them to meet other cadets from around the Wing and share experiences and ideas.

“All three Cadets did really well, the reports the Squadron received were very good” said Flying Officer V Docherty, 2nd in Command at Crowle Squadron.  “All three showed a lot of potential and hopefully have learnt something from the course”.

Training courses, such as this one, are just a few of the many opportunities Crowle Squadron offers to its members, both cadets and staff. Air Cadets is a youth organisation open to anyone aged 12-17. It is also open to those over 20 who wish to join as a staff and assist in the running of such events.  If you are interested in finding out more about Air Cadets in Crowle visit us as




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