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1384 Tour Ramstein-Germany

2014-11-08 20:00:45
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By Cdt T Wood - 1384 (Askern) Squadron

On the 12th August 2014, I travelled to RAF Manston in Kent, where I slept overnight. The following day I and 40 other cadets travelled 12 hours by coach and ferry to United States Air Force (USAF) Ramstein air base in Germany. During the travel we stopped off at a service station in France where I bought a sandwich thinking it was beef, until I got back onto the coach and realized it was a snail sandwich after asking the staff what the information on the packet said.

After a sleep on the coach we soon arrived at USAF Air Base Ramstein where we unpacked our cases in our huge tents and then had the first experience of the food on base, which was pasta; but not as we know it.

On the first day of camp, the reveille bugle was at 0530 and for breakfast we had a choice of; full English, cereals or porridge. During the day we went swimming at the swimming centre on base, and also visited the Kisling NCO Academy where we took part in many physical  and fitness activities including, press ups, sit ups, box jump, burpees etc. I had never been so tired and exhausted in my life but it was great fun. We also visited their Squadrons on base. In the evening we played some sports including basketball, ping pong, table football and pool, and then we had showers and lights out at 2230.

On the following days on camp we visited German towns and their military museums, visited Luxemburg including Luxemburg palace, visited NATO. We also went on a cruise around a German town, went on a cable car and go-karting. I also took part in high ropes, driving a bulldozer D78, fly the tornado on the simulator, bowling, had a tour around and inside the Hercules C-130 and watched the Hercules C-130 and the Tornado take off, land and fly. We had a traditional German meal in Rudelsheim, visited the fire section on the air base where we did abseiling, had a taste of their ration packs and drove the fire trucks.

I had an eventful time crashing everything possible; I crashed the Tornado in the simulator, the bulldozer and also the go-kart, where I ended up in hospital with whiplash.

On the last day of camp we had an awards night with paper plates, which I won the Schumacher award, camp cripple award and the best uniform award, also on that night I was surprised with a birthday cake and a card signed by everyone as it was my birthday the following day. On the 22nd August we packed our cases and left camp with 12 hours of travelling by coach and ferry and slept over at RAF Manston again. On the 23rd August we left to go home, I was the last cadet to be picked up and said goodbye to the friends that I had made.

Ramstein has been an amazing experience which I made loads of new friends and had some great memories. (Lots of photos)

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