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Summer Camp 23-30th August 2014

2014-11-08 19:52:21
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By Cdt Taylor - 1384 (Askern) Squadron

On the first day of camp we got given a map and went to look around to see where everything was. We went in groups of 3 to look around and we saw a Phantom, Lightning and a Typhoon. After we looked around, we went for dinner and it was called the Junior Ranks Mess. Then with the people at camp, we made a circle and we got to know each other and we played truth or dares until lights out were called.

On Sunday we went to Skegness all day, then we went to see the fire engines and we played tug of war. The middle of the rope was in a water shower, so if the other side pulled harder then us, we got drenched and fair enough they pulled harder, so we (Hurricane flight) got drench first. Then we weren’t happy, so we did a re-take so we did it again and they were pulling before asked, so they got told to slacken it off a-bit so when they did, we (Hurricane flight) pulled them and they got wet. So all of our clothes got drenched, ha!! We got back to the camp and we played football for a bit until 8pm, then we all chatted about stuff then at 10pm the staff called for lights out which meant bed time.

On Monday we went to Paradise Island and me and my friends went on every ride and this one cadet threw up on everyone near her, it was very funny. While we were going back to the camp site, it was chucking it down so when we got to the camp site our tent was drenched. Our tent looked like an indoor swimming pool, ha, so we had a few minuets to mop/clean it out then it was lights out.

On  Tuesday we saw the Station Commander, he was a nice lad and the Station Warrant Officer, after we saw him we went to 41 & 29 Squadrons,  then went to  the cinema but it wasn’t called cinema it was called Kinema and we watched “Into the Storm”, it was the worst movie I’ve ever seen!!!

On Wednesday we went shooting. We shot over 1000 rounds, it was FUN!!!! Then we went bowling and I didn’t win, I think I lost, ha.

On Thursday we had our camp photos next to the English Electric Lightning 2, did high ropes and athletics and it was fun, then we went to 49 Squadron, then we went swimming. It was fun too.

On Friday we went up to the Air Traffic Control tower, it was sooo fun. Then we went to the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and saw the old planes, then we had a disco until ten to eleven.

On Saturday we packed and cleaned up the camp and left.

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