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Windermere Air Cadets Plant Poppies With Pride

2014-10-29 08:40:57
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By CI Emma Clarke - 1264 (Windermere) Squadron

During recent months Windermere Air Cadets have been following on from their successful Lights Out event held at Windermere War Memorial by refurbishing the war memorial gardens.

On Monday 4th August, 1264 (Windermere) Squadron Air Training Corps, acting on behalf of the Royal British Legion, held a candlelit vigil to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the Great War, the War to end all wars.

In this very special year, with the support of their dedicated staff, the cadets will continue honouring our fallen by spending their free time refurbishing the gardens surrounding the war memorial.

They have already been hard at work, with marigolds and scrubbing brushes, giving the stones of the memorial a deep clean, they have be removing old tired shrubs and will be replanting with an exciting, new, poppy inspired, planting scheme. This includes preparing the ground for the new shrubs and perennials, creating an area dedicated to sowing Flanders poppies, and planting a mix of red tinged evergreen and deciduous shrubs.

Not only have these incredibly motivated and enthusiastic young people set themselves the aim of having all the renovations completed in time for the Armistice Day Parade, they have managed to secure donations of bark, plants, cleaning materials, and gravel.

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