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2014-10-28 15:40:07
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By Cdt A Ashcroft - 2431 (Keighley) Squadron

On Saturday 25th October 2014, 8 cadets from 2431 (Keighley) Squadron ATC, travelled to Leeds Bradford Airport to collect donations for the Poppy Appeal.

On Saturday morning eight of us arrived at Squadron HQ at 11 o’clock for the 30min hop to Leeds Bradford International Airport. When we got there (at about 11:30) we got are security passes for the day and then got to work collected for the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal.

Then from about 12:00 until 13:00 we sold poppies in three groups spread out between check-in, arrivals and the main entrance. We then had a lunch break until 13:30 before the really interesting things began to happen. We all made are way through your normal security procedures at the airport and then headed to the air traffic control tower, located on top of the terminal building. With an amazing view of all the operations of the airport, we had a brilliant in-depth description of what was going on from one of the controllers on duty. We saw two aircraft land and spent about 20-30 minutes in the tower before heading onto the Apron. This is where all the aircraft gates and stands are.

We went on a bus and around the apron just looking at everything before getting a squadron photo in front of a Jet2 Boeing 757-200, parked on one of the airports remote stands.

We waved at a few pilots who of course waved back as they taxied passed the bus with us all looking ridiculous in are high visibility vests.

We then moved to the fire station we got a tour of one of the fire trucks where they allowed us to simulate an emergency by putting on a helmet, using the breathing apparatus and throwing out hoses. We also got the chance to hold some of their lifesaving equipment. It was all very heavy. The best bit of the fire station visit was that we got to play around with the water cannon. While doing so, we accidently soaked a Monarch Airlines flight cre as they worked to their aircraft.

After the airside visit, we continued are poppy selling until about 15:30-16:30 in the terminal building.

After an eventful day we returned back to our Squadron HQ at 17:00.

We all had an amazing day!

Thank you to CI’s Pearce and Fearnside for organising this extraordinary event.

The visit made me think about all the unique opportunities that we get out of being in the Air Cadet Organisation. I would definitely like to return to Leeds Bradford Airport in the future for a full behind the scenes tour. It really gave me an insight into the world of Civil Aviation.

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