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I Can See the Pub From Here...

2014-09-04 14:59:47
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By Flt Lt Docherty - 300 (Axholme) Squadron

Crowle Air Cadets recently undertook a rather unusual Duke of Edinburgh expedition around the Askern area. 

The group of cadets were undertaking their practice Bronze level expedition.  The expedition sees the cadets walking around 16 km per day, over 2 days, camping out overnight.  The group have to carry all their own kit and equipment for the expedition.

The group planned their own route and chose a rather unusual aim for their expedition.  Having noticed a lot of public house symbols on their map, the cadets decided to try and visit as many of the pubs they could, to see if they were still there and in use (Though they didn’t make use of them).

After 2 days, over 32 km and a few rain showers, the cadets reached the end of their expedition, tired but happy at what they had achieved.

Cadet B Waller (14) said “It was tiring at times, but I am glad we got to the end.  I want to do my actual now”.

Flight Lieutenant J Docherty, Officer Commanding Crowle Air Cadets, said “The cadets chose an unusual topic for their expedition, but made it work for them.  They found some of the pubs no longer were in business and others were not exactly where they thought they were.  They all had a good time and I hope to see them complete their actual expedition soon”.

Expeditions are just some of the many activities Crowle Squadron offers to its members, both cadets and staff. Air Cadets is a youth organisation open to anyone aged 13-17. It is also open to those over 20 who wish to join as a staff and assist in the running of such events.  If you are interested in finding out more about Air Cadets in Crowle visit us as or come down to the Cadet Hut, Axholme Academy site on a Monday or Wednesday evening.

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