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50 Years Service With the Air Training Corps

2014-09-01 08:34:10
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By Flt Lt Yarrow - 1151 (Wallsend) Squadron

Flight Lieutenant Nigel Yarrow, Commanding Officer of 1151 (Wallsend) Squadron, Air Cadets, has recently recieved his long service award for 50 years continuous service in the Air Training Corps.

Flt Lt Yarrow joined the Air Training Corps at 1027 (Jarrow) Squadron in 1964 and was commissioned into the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training) branch in 1970. He transferred to 361 (Gateshead) Squadron in 1978 where he assumed the position of Deputy Squadron Commander. In 1983, he was posted to 861 (Wideopen) Squadron where he assumed command of the unit as Commanding Officer. 1985 saw a move to 1151 (Wallsend) Squadron as Deputy Squadron Commander and in 1997, he assumed command of 1151.

Flt Lt Yarrow is the first officer in Durham/Northumberland Wing to complete 46 years continuous service as an Adult Member of Staff. Nigel was awarded his Cadet Forces Medal, or CFM, in 1980 for 12 years service. In 1988 he was awarded his first clasp to his CFM, then his second in 1996 and his third in 2002 and fourth clasp in 2008. Six years later he was awarded with his Gold clasp to his CFM for 46 years continuous service.

Flt Lt Yarrow said: “I am thrilled to receive this prestigious award in recognition of my 50 years with the corps. A lot has changed in the Air Training Corps over the past five decades but I am pleased to see that ethos of respect, integrity, service and excellence remains the same. The Air Cadets still provides excellent opportunities for young people across the whole nation and North Tyneside. The strength of the Corps is the cadets and the staff that I have had the pleasure to serve with.”

Flt Lt Yarrow is a qualified Basic Expedition Leader and First Aider at Work. His main interests within the Air Cadets revolve around adventure training, navigation, fieldcraft/military skills as well as leading a dynamic and varied group of enthusiastic staff. Nigel was formerly Head of key Stage 4 at Jarrow School, is married to Christine and has one daughter, Emily who is aged 28 and is a Phd student.

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