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Cadets Enjoy a Week at RAF Brize Norton

2014-08-12 11:36:22
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By CI K Heywood - 750 (Thorne) Squadron

Cadets from 750 (Thorne) Squadron recently joined other South and West Yorkshire squadrons for the annual summer camp at RAF Brize Norton. Cadet Brooke Gartshore wrote about her week on her first summer camp, including her flight in a Grob Tutor.


“On 19 July we arrived at RAF Brize Norton. The next day we found out that twenty of us were going up in Grob Tutors and I was included in that. I was told that I was going up in the afternoon which made me feel really excited as I had never been up flying before. It was 27° and we were all roasting as we were in training gear – overalls and helmet with trousers and a shirt. Before we could go up we had to be tested for an emergency. I stepped into the Tutor and the pilot told me we were ready to go. We travelled for five minutes up the runway and before I knew it we were 6000 ft up in the air. My heart was racing but I couldn’t wait to fly around. The pilot told me that I had control so I turned left and right which was really fun but I gave the control back. After 15 minutes of flying the pilot asked how I would feel about doing a loop the loop. We did it and 6 minutes later we landed and it felt amazing.

“Throughout my week at RAF Brize Norton I made lots of very kind friends who I still speak to after camp. I enjoyed all the new experiences that I got involved with,  but the one thing I probably won’t miss is being woken up at a ridiculous time in the morning. The girls were located in a house which sounds really good but really isn’t.  The boys were in a block. We ate in the JRM (Junior Ranks Mess). The food wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be”.

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