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Two 1407 Cadets Attend Air Cadet Leadership Course

2014-08-05 14:22:51
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By Oliver Armstrong - 1407 (Newton Aycliffe) Squadron

Corporals Armstrong and Simon recently completed the Air Cadet Leadership Course (ACLC) at RAF College Cranwell. Arrival at the College brought the beginning of a long, strenuous and rewarding week of leadership development for all persons enrolled on the course.

The week commenced with a fitness test at 06:00 on the first morning, before a day long walk to form and strengthen bonds between the members of each flight (A, B, C, D, E and F). These friendships became essential in the command tasks set out to test and further the leadership qualities of each individual on the course.

The command tasks were set out in three separate phases; Phase 1 saw some simple tasks set out to identify weaknesses in the cadets' leadership ability; Phase 2 saw more complicated tasks in which cadets were expected to have improved their previously weak qualities and Phase 3 saw some very difficult tasks in which the cadets leading the exercise were expected to produce a very strong and well developed lead to demonstrate their progress through the course.

The Phase 3 tasks took place in "the field" meaning that the cadets camped out for 2 nights, one of which in 12x12 tents, the other in 2 person bivvy shelters. Two 24 hour ration packs were provided to each cadet to cater for food, they were of course very tasty and nutritious, catering for the extremely high amount of energy required for the cadets to perform at their optimum.

After all phases were complete, the course returned to the accommodation and enjoyed a social evening of drinks and food in the local bar on the base.

The final morning of the course saw the final parade where Air Commodore Luck presented each cadet with their leadership badge and wished them well for the future. Brilliant photos were taken in front of the most iconic RAF building of them all, College Hall, making a fitting end to a brilliant week.

Cpl Simon said: "I feel 20 foot tall! ... [The course] will change you as a person."

Cpl Armstrong added: "Anyone and everyone should attempt the ACLC, it is great fun and teaches some extremely valuable lessons."

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