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First Time and Last Time Flyers

2014-07-28 15:55:45
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By CWO Matt Smedley - 148 (Barnsley) Squadron

On the 10th of July, 6 Cadets got the opportunity to go flying at RAF Linton-on-Ouse. For me it was my last ever flight as a cadet before I age out in a few days time, but for Cadets Jones, Richmond, Sargesson, Ingram, Tawn it was there very first flight.

Thankfully it was a lovely sunny day, perfect for aerobatics. All our cadets got to fly and all enjoyed the experience, although one of them went a little bit green.

To top off the great day as we were waiting out side a Tornado flew over the station a couple of times at very low altitude, an awesome sight!

I would just like to thank the staff that gave up their time to take us.

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