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Australian Cadet Enjoys a G'Day in Longbenton!

2014-07-22 07:16:40
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By Flt Lt G G Richardson - 2344 (Longbenton) Squadron

Air Cadets from Longbenton enjoyed a visit from an Australian colleague and gave him a taste of life as an Air Cadet in the UK. 15 year old Australian Air Force Cadet, Corporal Keagan Weetman of 213 Squadron based in Elanora, Queenland enjoyed action-packed leadership activities with the Longbenton youngsters during his visit.

Keagan was able to gain an insight into the similarities and differences between the RAF Air Cadets and the Australian Air Force Cadets. Keegan, who was visiting the UK with family, initiated the visit to the Top Air Cadet Squadron in the UK. “I love being in the cadets back home and just wanted to see what it was like in another country,” he explained.  

Keagan was given a tour of the Longbenton Squadron before taking part in the evening’s training programme. Keagan said; “I absolutely loved the leadership tasks; they were great. We do similar things in Elanora but it’s done in a different way here and the cadets and instructors were really nice and welcoming; it was a terrific experience to be a part of the Longbenton Air Cadets and I love the gifts they gave me.”

“It was really exciting having Keagan here,” explained 14 year old George Ferguson, of Forest Hall. “We just treated him like one of us and he enjoyed the exercises and being here with us. We got to learn things from him too; it was really good to hear what his life is like on the Gold Coast – I was just amazed he had a Kwela Bear living the tree in his front garden!”

Squadron boss, Flight Lieutenant Gary Richardson said, “It was a pleasurer to welcome Keagan to Longbenton and to see the youngsters talking about their lives and sharing experiences was an absolute pleasure. Keagan was a credit to his Elanora Squadron and we all wish him the best of luck for the future.”

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